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Stan’s office underwent a change after Mabel was left in charge. 

Got rid of the bookshelf and lamp! The window brings in natural light.
Kept the box of skulls though, it’s very important.

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Uaaah okay now I have to do a feelings post on these three darlings.

Mabel, Grenda, and Candy are the most adorable little girls ever on TV and I’m so glad they exist as sympathetic characters instead of ‘weirdos’.

Grenda is big and butch and has a lizard, all of which are very taboo traits for a young girl to have, and the writing does show that she is bullied for these things.

Candy is shown as obviously foreign, probably having learned english as a second language, and shows an interesting and unusual train of thought - trying out things in a junior science kind of way.

Both these characters would probably have been scripted as unsympathetic on any other show, but they aren’t. They become Mabel’s friends within the first two minutes of showing up.

And the way Mabel reacts to them.. just.. “I’ve found my people”. She recognizes them as kindred spirits and tries to win a competition for THEIR SAKE.

It’s just a really good, sweet portrayal of girl friendships.

I prolly cried a bit.

And then Mabel loses the competition.  Which is sad, yeah, but totally realistic.  A world where the underdog always rises up is lovely, but that isn’t always the world we live in no matter how optimistic we remain.  

And of course Mabel’s sad—not because she lost to the popular girl, but because she let her new friends down when she wanted to prove to them that being ‘weird’ didn’t mean you couldn’t rock.  But her spirits are immediately back up when Candy and Grenda disregard their defeat and form an instant kinship with Mabel, resulting in them having one of many sleepovers with each other and being ecstatic regardless.

That’s also just.  So great.  Showing that sometimes the little victories are just as satisfying as the big ones.  The odd girl with a great heart isn’t always going to win, but at least when she falls, she has arms to help her back up and piles of hot guy magazines to cushion her fall.

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still gonna add more sparkles and fix the sparkly metallic threads I wove into the sweater (it’s coming off in places because it’s so thin) but the hardest part is over! I’ll take more photos when the paint dries!

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He was letting me bedazzle his face, but then he got too cranky, so I had to take necessary action.

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