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Definitely the best thing I drew all summer

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followers that take the time looking at your blog (◡‿◡*)

followers that put really nice things in your ask box (y^ω^y)

followers that put really nice things in their tags when they reblog your stuff  (✿ฺ◕ฺ‿◕ฺ)

followers ゚・✿ヾ╲(。◕‿◕。)╱✿・゚

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Anonymous asked:
△ Do you honestly believe the person you have feelings for will be there for you in your time of need?

Send me a △ and ask a really invasive question aimed at my character. They’ll have to rate on a scale of 1-10 how much they don’t want to answer that question and answer that question.

…On a 1-10 I’ll give that a 2 just because it’s hard to answer, gaah.
I’d like to think so, but who knows!

Either way I have ice cream right now, so it’s not worth worrying about.

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burrito-cat asked:
22: what's the funniest memory you have?

I’m giggling just thinking about it! Okay, so one time when Dipper and I were bored, we dressed up our cat back home in doll clothes. We thought she was gonna hate it, but at first she seemed just kinda indifferent. Then she tried to walk and just plopped down like her brain just stopped working or something. She stayed like that until we took the doll dress off! The whole family kept cracking jokes about it for ages afterwards. What a goof. 

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